Confidential Networks Using Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Launch a new blockchain network while ensuring complete privacy and security for your assets leveraging the gold standard of FHE.

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Onchain data makes it hard to build blockchains that require confidentiality. This leads to many privacy issues: Criminals know what you own, governments can surveil your transactions and bots can front-run you.

FhEVM-native Blockchains Provide Usability, Trust and Composability

Without compromising confidentiality


fhEVM contracts are simple solidity contracts that are built using traditional solidity toolchains. You  can use the euint data types to mark which part of their contracts should be private.


Transactional trust is guaranteed through transparency and immutability on public ledgers. Smart contracts are executed by independent validators.


Developers can easily integrate and combine different functionalities and services within their applications.


Transactions and balances are protected from "public" eyes. FHE, combined with Multi-Party Computation (MPC), protects confidentiality in a compliant way.

Public FHE Blockchains Ensure the Complete Confidentiality of Your Applications

Standard Protocols

Standard tokens and smart contracts can encrypt confidential data with FHE.

Solidity Support

Developers can write confidentical smart contract in solidity.

Transaction Privacy

Any observer can audit the transactions results, but without seeing the clear data


Only end-users can decrypt their balances.


Independent public validators are executing smart contracts without seeing the clear data.


Confidential smart contracts can be bridged to non-FHE blockchains if necessary.


All decryption requests are logged in a public chain and can be audited for compliance.


Compliant by default to privacy-preserving rules such as GDPR and GLBA.

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