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People shouldn’t care about privacy

A technique called homomorphic encryption is about to radically change how we guarantee privacy online.

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TFHE Deep Dive - Part III - Key switching and leveled multiplications

This third blog post of the TFHE series describes some more leveled homomorphic operations and building blocks.

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TFHE Deep Dive - Part II - Encodings and linear leveled operations

This second blog post of the series shows you how to perform operations on the ciphertexts used in TFHE.

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TFHE Deep Dive - Part I - Ciphertext types

This blog post is part of a series of posts dedicated to the Fully Homomorphic Encryption scheme called TFHE by Ilaria Chillotti.

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Zama Product Announcement - April 2022

We are announcing the release a new product, Concrete ML, alongside new features for Concrete Numpy and Concrete Core.

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