Zama Product Releases - October 2023

October 18, 2023
The Zama Team

This month, our team at Zama released a new version of TFHE-rs (v0.4.0), alongside new versions of Concrete (v2.4.0), Concrete ML (v1.2.0) and the fhEVM (v0.2.0). With these releases, Zama continues to build its suite of products to make homomorphic encryption accessible, easy, and fast.

TFHE-rs v0.4.0

This version of TFHE-rs introduces the support of signed integers, the possibility to compute simple ternary homomorphic conditional instructions of the form [.c-inline-code]if[.c-inline-code], [.c-inline-code]then[.c-inline-code], [.c-inline-code]else[.c-inline-code], and a significant performance improvement.

Read the full release blog post here.

Concrete v2.4.0

This version of Concrete introduces multi-parameter optimization for enhanced FHE efficiency and more accurate operator bit widths for faster computations. Developers gain insights from improved statistics reporting, aiding in optimization. The addition of dynamic table look-ups enhances flexibility and efficiency in FHE implementations, resulting in benchmarks running up to five times faster.

Read the full release blog post here.

Concrete ML v1.2.0

This version of Concrete ML introduces  hybrid deployment for enhanced model IP protection and K-nearest neighbor classification for encrypted data processing. Built-in neural networks are now 10x faster due to optimized encrypted input division. Additionally, the development process is expedited through a public repository, ensuring rapid bug fixes and updates.

Read the full release blog post here.

fhEVM v0.2.0

Last September we released the alpha code and the white paper for Zama’s fhEVM. The latest version (v0.2.0) introduces the implementation of a comprehensive set of operators designed to provide robust functionality and versatility.

Read the full release blog post here.

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