Zama Product Releases - July 2023

July 26, 2023
The Zama Team

This month, our team at Zama released a new version of TFHE-rs (v0.3.0), alongside new versions of Concrete (v2.0.0) and Concrete ML (v1.1.0). With these releases, Zama continues to build its suite of products to make homomorphic encryption accessible, easy, and fast.

TFHE-rs v0.3.0

This version of TFHE-rs introduces quicker homomorphic operations, incorporates parallel processing for programmable bootstrapping, and implements a novel method that reduces the size of public keys.

Read the full release blog post here.

Concrete v2.0.0

This version of Concrete v2.0.0 brings significant enhancements and new features, along with a few minor yet essential changes. These modifications served as the rationale for upgrading the major version number.

Read the full release blog post here.

Concrete ML v1.1.0

This version of Concrete ML introduces optimization tools that can accelerate the Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) inference time of neural network models by up to a factor of 20. It also present an implementation of a LLM using FHE that ensures both user privacy and the protection of the model owner's intellectual property (IP).

Read the full release blog post here.

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