Presenting Concrete ML at Google Tech Talks

January 17, 2023
Jordan Frery

The Zama team had the privilege to present Concrete-ML during a Google Tech Talk on the 17th of January 2023.


In today's digital age, protecting privacy has become increasingly difficult. However, new developments such as Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) provide a means of safeguarding sensitive client information. We are excited to present Concrete-ML, our open-source library that allows for the seamless conversion of Machine Learning (ML) models into their FHE counterparts. With our technology, clients can enjoy zero-trust interactions with service providers while also enabling the deployment of ML models on untrusted servers without compromising the privacy of user data.



About Google Tech Talks

Google Tech Talks is a grass-roots program at Google for sharing information of interest to the technical community.  At its best, it's part of an ongoing discussion about our world featuring top experts in diverse fields.  Presentations range from the broadest of perspective overviews to the most technical of deep dives, on topics well-established to wildly speculative.

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