Zama Bounty Program Season 3

May 24, 2023
The Zama Team

During its second season, the Zama Bounty Program awarded €29,000 to developers. Once again, the FHE community performed well, providing interesting solutions to both fundamental and complex problems impacting FHE and Zama’s libraries.

Solved bounties (alongside their solutions) are listed here for review and as resources:

Season 3: Important update

Season 2 of the Zama Bounty Program was a great success. We received many submissions, and the Zama team spent a lot of time and effort reviewing and testing them before  providing feedback to all users.

In an effort to streamline the process and make it easier for everyone, we are changing the rules slightly this season.

One bounty per Zama library.

From now on, we will only be adding one bounty targeting a specific Zama library each season.

Here are the bounties for season 3:

Fewer bounties, but more rewards.

Like in hacking competitions, we will now reward the three best submissions per bounty. 

The idea is to encourage more people to submit, but also to increase the diversity of code submissions.

The submissions will be ranked and rewarded based on the quality of the code and,most importantly, the speed performances (Note that all our benchmarks are run on Amazon EC2 M6i instances)

Cash prize.

  • 🥇Best submission: €10,000
  • 🥈Second-best submission: €3,500
  • 🥉Third-best submission: €1,500

Not keen on this season’s bounties? Propose one.

Anybody can submit a bounty proposition. It’s easy. Just open an issue and propose something that you’d like to work on and a suitable reward. We will come back to you to approve, reject, or ask you to update your proposition.
Here are some bounty propositions previously accepted by the Zama team:

Now on to season 3. Good luck!

Season 3 has started and will run until August 27, 2023.

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