Zama Bounty Program Season 2

February 20, 2023
The Zama Team

During its introductory run, the Zama Bounty Program awarded more than €15,000 to developers over a 7-week span. The community responded well, providing viable solutions to both fundamental and complex problems impacting our libraries. 

In each category, contributors found a wide range of propositions, from writing simple didactic tutorials for our machine learning library Concrete-ML to solving complex cryptographic problems, like how to improve the latency of TFHE programmable bootstrapping. 

Solved bounties (with accompanying solutions) are presented here for review and as a resource for the upcoming season.

As we launch the second iteration of the program, we’ve both increased the available bounties and improved the overall process, based on your feedback. For one, we refined the contributor experience, making it even easier to uncover available bounties and submit your findings. That process is described in the image below:

Another improvement centers around variety. Now, you can explore an array of bounties in five main categories: 

  1. Application 
  2. Engineering
  3. FPGA
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Research

In each category, contributors can find a wide range of propositions. It is this combination of simplifying the process and providing content variation that we hope will lead to another successful season.

Released a few short days ago, Season 2 has also introduced new and challenging bounties. Here is a small sample of what is currently available:

You can find the complete list of available bounties on Github, which amount to more than $325,000 in potential winnings. 

If you don’t see something of interest, anyone from the community has the option to propose a bounty. This can be a simple issue that we haven’t posted or a moonshot breakthrough that could change the shape of the industry. All you need to do is submit your proposition to:

Of course, the ultimate goal of our Bounty Program is to help one another. Collaboration in our industry is crucial, especially when seeking to improve open-source tools and software. Therefore, we are looking forward to solutions you will find to help us all move the space forward. 

Season 2 will close April 7th, so don’t delay in getting to work and good luck!

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