Zama Bounty Program: New Bounties Available

September 27, 2023
The Zama Team

During its third season, the Zama Bounty Program awarded €15,000 to developers. Once again, the Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) community worked on interesting applications for FHE and provided solutions to both fundamental and complex problems impacting FHE and Zama’s libraries.

Since season 3, we slightly changed the format of our Bounty Program and only proposed one bounty per Zama library.

Out of the three bounties proposed last season, two were successfully solved, and here are the rewarded solutions:

Launching the Zama Bounty Program Season 4

We are introducing three new bounties, each targeting a different Zama Library.

In an effort to encourage more people to get familiar with FHE, we will be rewarding up to three submissions per bounty. The proposed submissions will be ranked and rewarded based on the quality of the code, and most importantly, the speed performance (note that all our benchmarks are run on Amazon EC2 M6i instances).

Cash prize for each bounty

🥇Best submission: up to €10,000.

To be considered best submission, a solution must be efficient, effective and demonstrate a deep understanding of the core problem. Alongside the technical correctness, it should also be submitted with a clean code, clear explanations and a complete documentation.

🥈Second-best submission: up to €3,500.

For a solution to be considered the second best submission, it should be both efficient and effective. The code should be neat and readable, while its documentation might not be as exhaustive as the best submission, it should cover the key aspects of the solution.

🥉Third-best submission: up to €1,500.

The third best submission is one that presents a solution that effectively tackles the challenge at hand, even if it may have certain areas of improvement in terms of efficiency or depth of understanding. Documentation should be present, covering the essential components of the solution.

Not keen on this season’s bounties? Propose one

Anybody can submit a bounty proposition. It’s easy. Just open an issue and propose something that you’d like to work. We will come back to you to approve, reject, or ask you to update your proposition. Here are some bounty propositions previously proposed by the community and accepted by the Zama team:

Now on to season 4. Good luck!

Season 4 has started and will run until December 17, 2023.

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