Solve interesting FHE problems. More than €500,000 in prizes available!

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As an open source company working on making Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) and open source cryptographic tools that make protecting privacy easy, we're launching this program to encourage anyone from the community to help us move the FHE space forward and get rewarded along the way.

How it works


Bounties of €500-€5,000 are available to support contributors who are willing to help us improve our documentations, resources and libraries in order to better Zama's developer experience.

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Bounties of €5,000-€50,000 are available to support contributors who identify and resolve major issues in our libraries or for any significant contribution that will help us move the FHE space forward.

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Bounties of €50,000+ are available to support contributors who will submit major breakthrough to Zama's cryptographic libraries or suite of products.

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Do you want to contribute with something that is not listed?
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General Guidelines

General guidelines and information can be found on the dedicated GitHub repository. Keep in mind that this is an experimental program and that we're always open to suggestions. But, as a general rule, to contribute to the program, you should follow the following steps:

▪ Check out the available list of bounties published by the Zama team.
▪ Submit your application for a dedicated bounty directly on our application page
▪ Our team will review your application and will accept, reject or ask you for more information about your contribution.
▪ If your contribution is accepted Bingo! You submit your code and our team will reach out to you to help you collect your reward.

Timeline Notes

Find a bounty that you would like to solve and apply directly on our application page.
Our team will review, accept or request changes on your application.
Submit your code and receive your well deserved reward once your submission is accepted.

Ready to contribute?

Visit the dedicated GitHub repository to start contributing to Zama's bounty program right now. Any question? Join the discussion about Zama's bounty program on our dedicated discord channel.

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