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People shouldn’t care about privacy

A technique called homomorphic encryption is about to radically change how we guarantee privacy online.

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FHE as a Puzzle Piece

FHE should not be seen as a simple encryption algorithm with special properties ready for simplistic deployment.

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360 Privacy for Machine Learning

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) can be used to protect both the ML model and the user’s privacy.

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FINAL: Faster FHE instantiated with NTRU and LWE

In recent work by researchers based at KU Leuven and Zama (AsiaCrypt 2022), we revisit the construction based on NTRU.

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Launching the Zama Bounty Program with over €500,000 in prizes

We're launching this program to encourage anyone from the community to help us move the FHE space forward.

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